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Never be lost again or puzzled about how to find your ship.  This Wiki covers most large ports worldwide:

The Captain & First Mate use Hipmunk to sniff out the lowest airfares worldwide.  Easily displays the various air offers in readily understandable chart form.  Also good for finding hotels.



Tired of sitting with your knees in your chest?  Don't like the last row by the toilet?  Check Seatguru before you select your flight or seat to find the best available.


Europe for Cruisers

Travel planning from Forbes/Washington Post editors specifically about cruising in Europe.


Cornwall Tour

Visiting Cornwall?  Call Andrew.


Visiting Italy?

Visit with Emilia: travel like a local, eat like a local, drink like a local.



Train Travel in Europe

Confused just a bit about train travel in Europe, eh?  Well, see the man in seat 61 for all the advice you will ever need.



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